About us

The Tanzania Growth Trust (TGT) is a leading catalyst for the development of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers in Tanzania.

Our main objective is to foster wealth creation and we do this by providing market-led solutions to young entrepreneurs, women-led SMEs and farmers.  Our focus has been on enhancing the ability of smallholder farmers and SMEs to get access to finance, business and technical skills, technology and markets in rural and peri-urban areas in Tanzania. Our emphasis has been on providing innovative solutions that make markets work for the poor.


Our Vision is To be a leading catalyst for SME and farmer development in Tanzania


Working in partnerships to transform young entrepreneurs, women-led SMEs and smallholder farmers into globally competitive enterprises

Our History

The Tanzania Growth Trust (TGT) was registered as Tanzania Gatsby Trust (TGT) in 1992 under the Trustees’ Incorporation Ordinance, Cap 375. It was registered as a charitable Trust in both Tanzania Mainland and in Zanzibar.

Our journey has been in close partnership with the Gatsby Charitable Foundation of UK, from whom our Tanzania Gatsby founding fathers chose to adapt the name Gatsby to depict the collaboration.

In 2017, we branched out from the Gatsby family into a fully independent organization, and changed our name from the Tanzania Gatsby Trust to Tanzania Growth Trust. Our new identity further solidifies our strong Tanzanian status. Find out more about this change here .

Our Values

We care how results are achieved and therefore adhere to the highest professional and ethical practices in all our activities. Our core values are as follows:

  • Teamwork, partnerships and collaboration
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Community and beneficiary involvement
  • Innovation
  • Mentoring and Leadership