TGT Capacity Building

TGT is widely recognized as a partner in creating a foundation for a thriving and robust private sector in Tanzania through our farmer and SME development programmes. We catalyse the growth of smallholder farmers and SMEs for the social and economic empowerment of women, families and communities.

Services related to private sector development are not readily available or affordable to poor people who are struggling to build their businesses. Focusing on women and youth, we play a vital role in addressing the needs of such marginalized groups, building their capacities and empowering them to create self-sufficient businesses.

We take a holistic approach to enabling SMEs and farmers in Tanzania to become more profitable. We believe that to grow their businesses, entrepreneurs and farmers need a combination of appropriate skills, resources and abilities as follows:

  • Skills: Good technical skills for efficient and high-quality production; skills to standardize, brand and market their products; organizational and financial skills, management and leadership skills, as well as business registration and formalization.
  • Resources: Access to finance, professional work premises, quality business development services and higher-value markets.
  • Ability: Self-belief and commitment to grow their businesses in the direction they need to; and removal of gender-based social and economic obstacles that hinder productivity and growth.

All these are necessary to enable the farmers and small businesses to run their small enterprises efficiently and effectively; increase production quantity, quality and range, thereby achieving efficient and scalable production; increase their incomes; and move closer to the goal of becoming globally competitive enterprises.

We have established a model for developing micro–enterprises and smallholder farms into profitable businesses. Based on this model, we provide capacity building interventions throughout the production value chain. Smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs receive support from initial production to value addition, quality improvement and certification, trade and marketing, as well as business and human resources management. This thorough support enables programme participants to gain vital knowledge that transforms the way they operate, leading to their increased economic output.