TGT Impact

Our Impact

Through innovative partnerships with donors and funders, TGT has helped the economically marginalized to tackle barriers that inhibit their ability to create wealth.

For 25 years we have been a catalyst of growth for small and medium enterprises, emerging entrepreneurs, and farming cooperatives. We have nurtured the development of various entities, many of whom today are thriving on their own.

Some of the impacts that we have had on the communities we have worked with include:

  • Incubated four entities that evolved into independent, self-sustaining legal bodies. These are Community Banks Association, Fahari Women’s Group, Hurunzi Women’s Group, and the Forestry Development Trust
  • Created Fanikiwa Microfinance Company which provides affordable loans to SMEs
  • Built the capacities of over 6,000 women and youth and increased their ability to create and run successful enterprises that are improving the livelihoods of their families and their communities in general
  • Strengthened SMEs by helping different groups to come together and create associations like the Mwanga Association of Small Producers (UWAMWA), Mtwara Small Enterprise Development Association (MSEDA), and Zanzibar Association of Small Scale Producers (UWAZI)
  • Helped to introduce two textiles degrees at the University of Dar es Salaam as well as a textile foundation course for the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA)
  • Assisted the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment to establish a Textile Development Unit for spearheading the development of the textile sector in Tanzania
  • Helped to introduce tissue culture technology and clonal forestry biotechnology in Tanzania which is now commercially available in the country
  • Assisted in the creation of Mwanga Community Bank, Meru Community Bank, Tandahimba Community Bank and Njombe Community Bank.