Informal Economy Sector Programme

About the Programme

The objective of the Informal Economy Sector Programme (IESP) is to simplify access to suitable and secure work premises for small businesses that operate in the informal economy in greater Dar es Salaam.

We are facilitating a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the Kinondoni Municipal Council, Ubungo Municipal Council and entrepreneurs in the informal economy through a local association for small businesses known as VIBINDO Society. Through the PPP arrangement, the Kinondoni and Ubungo Municipal Councils as well as VIBINDO are constructing the Mburahati Market on municipal land to provide small businesses with access to affordable and permanent premises.

Our facilitation includes raising the capacity of the key players to engage in PPP arrangements and assisting with contract management of the market construction.

Small businesses are eagerly awaiting the construction of the market, with over 400 already registered to get a stall once the market is completed.

Programme Results

The Mburahati Market Project has already been registered as a legal entity with the Business Registration and Licensing Authority (BRELA). Construction of the Market is underway.

A PPP unit has been established in the Kinodoni Municipal Council to facilitate the implementation of the programme.

As part of the initiative, we have also built the capacity of VIBINDO Society, strengthening their ability to do better strategic planning and financial management.

Programme Funders

The Informal Economy Sector Programme is funded by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) and the Kinondoni Municipal Council.

The programme partners are VIBINDO Society, the Kinondoni Municipal Council and the Ubungo Municipal Council.